Hi there, we're ETC.
(pronounced et-ce-te-ra)

We'd love to tell you a little bit more about what we do.

Every other month, we empower a new talent to craft their own ETC. capsule collection

We are a beauty co-creation label on a mission to bring back authenticity through open conversations.

We co-create to go further together.

Clean formulas &
natural ingredients

Our products are rigorously formulated with clean, at least 90% natural, ingredients.

Free from any nasties or even suspect ingredients.



Transparent Sourcing

Nothing but effective,
active ingredients

We aren’t after the next trendy ingredient just to create a buzz. Only the right active, selected because it does what your skin needs it to do, with proven effectiveness.

Proven Results

Innovative Formulas

Co-creation is all about one very simple idea

Working together towards a common goal delivers better results.

That’s why you’ll find us leveraging the voices, ideas and desires of real people in order to create better products that they actually need.


Enable and integrate insights from our talent, our community and beauty experts


Design capsule concept and co-create initial product brief alongside the talent


Adjust prototype based on ongoing feedback loop with the talent and our community


Allow customization features alongside the manufacturing process


Reveal capsule around creator's tips and tutorials to maximise benefits


Incorporate reviews and testimonials in next capsule insights